Disney Games Website Review & Ratings + Disney Games Coupons
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Disney Games Website Review & Ratings + Disney Games Coupons

Disney Games: Products & Services

Disney Games is found at the www.clubpenguin.com website.  This is Disney's online game site for kids and teens.  There are even some games that adults might enjoy at this site.  This is a paid site that comes with a trial membership.  The site requires the member to create their own personal penguin to play with. 

There are over 20 games on the site along with the ability to adopt a pet for each member.  Members can also talk to their friends on the site.  All games on the site are non-violent with no killing, blood or sex involved.  This is an interesting site to get kids used to using a computer on their own in a safe environment.  Disney Games also has mobile system apps for both the Android and Apple phone systems.

Disney Games: Company Background

Disney Games was started in 2005 in British Columbia in Canada as Penguin Club for kids.  In 2007 the company merged with Disney Company and began to incorporate Disney characters into its games.  The company is still headquartered in British Columbia and has gone international with offices in Brighton, England and Sydney, Australia and São Paulo, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The site has continued to grow with their emphasis on family friendly games.

Disney Games: Customer Feedback & Reviews

There are a variety of opinions about this site.  Most people seem happy with it, but there are some concerns.  One is the differences between paid and non-paid members and difficulties cancelling the service.  Another is inappropriate comments on the messaging portion of the site.  Some typical comments are shown below:

  • My boys used the site for a while and grew bored with it. I tried to cancel the paid, monthly membership but their site would not allow me to do so. I sent an email to their customer service department, but my credit card was charged again.
  • The only thing we dislike about it is every time my son clicks on most things it wants him to purchase a membership...so I get asked several times a day if he can get a membership...which can be aggravating because my financial situation right now wont allow it.
  • My kids love this game (even my 14 year old!). This is recommended for all ages by me.
  • Club Penguin is a great website, for all ages. It teaches them to be carefull with there money and resposibility for there puffles.There is a great reveiw to Club Penguin from me!!!
  • Club Penguin can be inappropriate. You can type swearwords by adding letters.
Disney Games: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Disney Games is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  They have been a member since 2009 and have a rating of A+, which is the highest rank.  The company has received a number of industry awards.  Some of these include the 2008 Torch Award from the BBB for the newest business with the most promise.  Disney Games won a Webby in both 2008 and 2009 for their video games.  Several Parent Groups have voted the company awards for their kid games.  BAFTA Kids voted Club Penguin their favorite online game two years in a row.

Disney Games: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa states that Disney Games is quite popular.  The site has over 600,000 viewers per day from all over the world.  Visitors from the United States make up about 37% of the audience, followed by Brazil, Mexico and Spain.  The site has a large Hispanic membership and the website is accessed from home and school by families with young children.  There are over 5200 sites that link into the website.   Google's Page Rank lists the site as 8/10.  In the United States, the site ranks about 1800 among all other websites.  This is quite good since the viewers from the United States make up only 35% of the audience.

Disney Games: Social Media Presence

Disney Games does not have a large social media presence when thinking about the usual social media.  It does have a Twitter site where visitors can comment on various game strategies.  The site has over 26,000 members.  There is no page on Facebook and other social media.  However, since the Disney Game site is the largest social media that kids use, it makes sense the site is not listed on social media used primarily by adults. 

Disney Games: Website Security & Safety

Disney Games uses the latest in SSL encryption to keep their payment transactions secure.  The site is verified by Truste.  Disney Games does not keep any payment information of its clients; this is handled by the payment company that is used.  The company has chat monitors on duty 24 hours to make sure that kids who use the site are not exposed to swear words and intimidation.  Any complaints should be sent to customer service and to the Disney Company.  Google's Safe Browsing Tool shows no malware or other problems for users on this site in the last 90 days.

Disney Games: Pricing & Packages

Disney Games has a free membership which has some limitations.  For a fee, a user can access more options and reach higher levels in the games.  Membership is charged monthly on the following schedule:

  • One month:  $7.95
  • Six months:  $6.95
  • Twelve months:  $5.00

Money Quest:  $4.95 for one month - less for longer membership periods

Space Heroes:  $4.95 for one month - less for longer membership period

There are a number of free games online that will also hold the interest of kids, especially very young ones.

Clearly the best deal is for 12 months, but remember to consider the interest of your child in playing these games.  Compared to other games, these games are a bit expensive.  However, they do a good job for the money and use characters your kids may be really be attached to.  There are also many free internet video games that kids might also like.

Disney Games: Shipping Rates & Policies

Disney Games is an online video game playing service.  As such there is no charge for shipping merchandise to the customer.  All video games are handled through the internet.  There are merchandise items supporting the games that can be ordered from the Penguin Club shop; pricing of shipping depends on the size of the order and the destination.  Shipping in the United States usually starts out at about $4.95 for these items.

Disney Games: Payment Methods Accepted

Disney Games takes a number of credit cards in payment.  These are Disney Visa, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards.  Debit cards can also be used to pay for a membership.  Other options are Paypal or Western Union Quick Pay.  All of the payment methods except Western Union Quick Pay involve automatically renewing the membership.  So, there are a number of ways to pay for your membership.  Gift cards can also be found at various retail locations so that a membership can be easily given as a gift.

Disney Games: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Disney Games does not give refunds on its memberships after the trial period.  You may cancel any time within 14-days provided you do not use any of the membership features in the first seven days.  Notice can be given in writing or through the parent account.  Customer service can also help.  So, a new customer may want to try out a short time period before committing to a longer period.  Any cancellation after the initial period will allow access through the paid membership period.  If there is a mistake made by Disney the company will take responsibility to fix their error.

Disney Games: Product images & screenshots
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Get 6 months of Pixie Hollow membership for the price of 5 @ Disney Games
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Get 10% Off Orders Over $50 @ Disney Games
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